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The Challenges To Blockchain Adoption


Cost and Complexity 

Blockchain infrastructure is complex and expensive to implement when compared to legacy services.

Speed and Performance

Compared to the prevalent industry infrastructure solutions, blockchain technology is still relatively slow and struggles with scalability. 

Privacy and Security

The transparent nature of blockchain solutions is a source of worry to many users and institutions. 

So Why Do We Believe In Blockchain? 

The characteristics of blockchain technology make it ideal for creating transparent networks, immutable ledgers, and reframing the discussion on privacy around individual users. The Web 3.0 revolution will decentralize the Internet and endow users with more agency. 

We firmly believe in these qualities and wish to be at the forefront of these changes by investing in promising blockchain startups.

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Our Vertical of Choice

If you have a use case we didn't mention, let us know! We'd love to explore it.
Real-time Payment Processing
Near-instant payment transactions for individuals and small businesses.
Supply Chain Monitoring
Deploy blockchain for supply and transportation monitoring.
Financial Auditing
Leverage smart contracts to provide financial auditing solutions.
Employ blockchain technology to provide banking services to both banked and unbanked individuals.
Tax and Revenue Collection
Make Government tax and revenue collection smarter and transparent.
Assets Transfers
Track and digitalize the process of assets transfer between different parties.
Budgeting and Expenditure
The transparent nature of blockchain makes it ideal for monitoring government expenditure.
Real Estates and Land Allocation
We can use blockchain to keep track of real estate and land allocation.

What we Offer

The Aleph Zero blockchain will be our recommended default infrastructure for our startups to build upon.
Aleph Zero's transactions are cheap and extremely fast. Additionally, the Aleph Zero consensus protocol boasts state-of-the-art privacy-enhancing features while also remaining auditable and compliant with regulatory requirements.
$AZERO coins would be to cover the cost of building and maintaining incubated startups
Cash Funding to help cover initial expenses while they are just getting started
Partnerships and mentoring within both the Aleph Zero ecosystem and the Nigerian Business/Startup community.
+much more!

The Aleph Zero Advantage

Aleph Zero blockchain would be our default recommended platform.
+much more!

The Aleph Zero Advantage

Aleph Zero blockchain would be our default recommended platform.
Low fees and cost predictability
On average, a transaction on the Aleph Zero blockchain costs 0.0003 $AZERO. These low costs are critical for the development of blockchain in a country such as Nigeria, where the average citizen spends two dollars a day on food.
Near Instant Transactions
Aleph Zero’s peer-reviewed consensus protocol (AlephBFT) achieved 89,600 tx/s with a 416 ms confirmation time during a laboratory test.
Public blockchain with private smart contracts
Aleph Zero’s original privacy framework is based not only on zero-knowledge proofs but also takes advantage of Secure Multi-Party Computation concepts offering scalable, self-executing, private smart contracts.

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